Truck Brake Repair Service in Chicago, IL

At Connect Truck Center, we understand that properly functioning brakes are critical to the safety and performance of your heavy-duty trucks. That's why we offer a range of brake services, including drum brake repairs, to keep your vehicles operating at peak performance.

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Our Brake Repair Services

Slack Adjuster Service 

One of the critical components of drum brakes is the slack adjuster. The slack adjuster takes up the slack in the brake system to ensure that your brakes keep working even as your pads wear down. Over time, the slack adjuster can become worn or damaged, affecting your vehicle's ability to stop. Our skilled technicians can inspect and repair or replace your slack adjusters to ensure that your brakes are functioning correctly.

Air System Repairs

Another essential component of drum brakes is the air system. Compressed air is stored in tanks and used to activate the brakes. If the air system is not functioning correctly, it can lead to brake failure, which is a significant safety concern. Our team of experts can inspect and repair any issues with your air system to ensure that your brakes are functioning correctly.

Drum Brake Maintenance 

In addition to slack adjuster and air system repairs, we also offer drum brake maintenance services. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your drum brakes functioning correctly and prevent potential issues. Our skilled technicians can inspect your brake system, including the brake linings and drums, to ensure that they are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

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Contact us today to schedule your drum brake service and experience the Connect Truck Center difference. We are dedicated to providing personalized service to meet your needs and keep your heavy-duty fleet trucks running smoothly.

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"Connect Truck Center truly exceeds expectations. I have been coming to this guys for couple of years for high-quality service for a good price. I have recommended Connect to many of my friends for both repairs and maintenance."

Nick Stecjuks

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Simply the best and biggest shop in Chicagoland!!!

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I've been driving 22 years and Connect Truck Center is as top notch as it gets on fair pricing and detailed repairs and the people don't suck.

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Great guys. Always on point. Nick is the best!