Heavy Duty Truck Services Service in Chicago, IL

At Connect Truck Center in Markham, Illinois, we offer a comprehensive range of general diesel services to keep your heavy-duty fleet trucks operating at peak performance. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to ensure that your vehicles remain in top condition and on the road.

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Heavy-duty truck services from the Connect Truck Center shop in Markham, Illinois

Preventive Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance is one of the most important aspects of our general diesel services. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your heavy-duty vehicles, and keep them running efficiently. Our preventive maintenance services include oil changes, filter replacements, fluid level checks, brake maintenance, and tire rotations. We also perform inspections to identify potential problems before they turn into major issues.

DOT Inspections for Trucks 

At Connect Truck Center, we offer DOT inspections to ensure your truck and trailer is in compliance with the DOT’s rules and regulations. We will inspect your powertrain, drivetrain, brakes, lighting, and all of your other important systems to ensure everything is functioning properly. Want to schedule an appointment for a DOT inspection? Give us a call today. 

After-Treatment Service 

Another essential service we provide is after-treatment service. After-treatment systems are designed to reduce emissions from diesel engines, but they require regular maintenance and repair to function correctly. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair after-treatment systems, including diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction systems, and diesel oxidation catalysts. This ensures that your vehicles meet environmental regulations and run at peak efficiency.

Tires & Alignment Services

Here at Connect Truck Center, we provide high-quality tire & alignment services. From inspecting your tread to ensure it wears out evenly, to adjusting your truck and trailer’s alignment to ensure proper handling and fuel efficiency, we do it all. Not sure if you need an alignment? Common symptoms of heavy-duty truck misalignment include a truck that pulls to the right, poor handling, higher fuel consumption, and uneven tread wear. 

Collision Repair Services 

In addition to preventive maintenance, we also offer collision repair services to repair any damage to your vehicles from accidents. Our skilled technicians can repair damaged body panels, engine damage, and drivetrain issues. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your repairs are completed quickly and effectively, minimizing your downtime.

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At Connect Truck Center, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently. Our general diesel services are designed to keep your fleet operating at peak performance while minimizing downtime and repair costs. Contact us today to schedule your preventive maintenance, collision repairs, or after-treatment service and experience the Connect Truck Center difference.

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"Connect Truck Center truly exceeds expectations. I have been coming to this guys for couple of years for high-quality service for a good price. I have recommended Connect to many of my friends for both repairs and maintenance."

Nick Stecjuks

5 star review

Simply the best and biggest shop in Chicagoland!!!

Benjamin Bellville

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I've been driving 22 years and Connect Truck Center is as top notch as it gets on fair pricing and detailed repairs and the people don't suck.

Marc Davis

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Great guys. Always on point. Nick is the best!